Extra-curricular activities at Soglasie School

In our school there are a lot of extra-curricular activities.

  • For example, last week we had "Health Decade". On Friday (December 4th), there was a competition: each class cooked some kind of healthy dish, made a presentation of this dish and invited everybody to try it.

  • In October there was a so called “Rainbow Week”. Each class had to wear clothes of a certain color of the rainbow. It was very colourful and funny.

  • At school we celebrate different kinds of holidays. Students and teachers get ready for various concerts and presentations dedicated to a certain holiday. Not so long ago we celebrated Halloween. Each class performed a scene from horror films. Our class staged Gogol's story of "Vij".

  • Besides, a lot of sports competitions are held in our school: basketball, football, volleyball.

  • In our school "Intellectual Olympic Games" and other competitions are held. We go to others schools to compete with them . We take part in regional dancing and singing competitions. Our school often wins prizes at different competitions.

Extra-Curricular Activities at Hawkesdale College

  • ​We go on a school camp. Each year level has a different camp each year. This year my class went to Roses Gap. We went there for 3 days. Other places yuo go include Tasmaina, Melbourne, Canberra and many other wonderful places.
  • At the start of the year we have a swimming day. We also have a sports day where we participate in activities including running, discus, long jump, high jump and some other events. If you do well in an event you get to go to Warrnambool and compete against other schools.
  • At the end of November we have a day called Melbourne Cup which is a horse race and we all get dressed up. When the main race is on the whole school goes to a room which has a T.V and watch the race.
  • Throughout the year we have many casual days since we have to wear a uniform every other day. We get dressed up for many different occasions.
  • At the end of the year the secondary students have a chance to go on a school bike ride. It happens at the end of every year. The bike ride goes for 5 days. On the 4th day you spend the whole day at Port Fairy. You are able to get surfing lessons or just walk around the shops.
  • There is also a subject called CFA (Country Fire Authority) where students learn how to fight fires. They also go on many excursions.
  • Another things you are able to do is be apart of a group called Advance. They go on bushwalks and bike rides throughout the year. You also learn how to cook on a open fire and bush survival stuff.
  • We also get AFL (Australian Football League) players come to our school.
  • We do many other activities throughout the year. Many of our activities are in Warrnambool. I wouldn't be able to name all of the excursions we do since there are so many.

  • In the last few days of the school year, just before we break up for Christmas, all years 7-12 students can go on the school picnic. We walk along the beach from Killarney (about a 20 minute bus ride from school) to Port Fairy. We have a great time. Here is a photo of us playing cricket and swimming on Tuesday, December 15th, 2009.