Students at Soglasie School study English as a foreign language.

Hello. My name is Vlad. Today I'll tell you about our EFL (English as a Foreign Language)lessons. We study in a light comfortable classroom. Each student sits at an individual desk and on the wall there is an interactive whiteboard (smart board). Most often we read, translate and do different grammar quizes. But sometimes our teacher gives us some very interesting and unusual work: for instance, we have communicated with Austrlalian students(ie you), or for example, we have recently watched a video clip of Michael Jackson and then discussed it. So I really like our lessons.
At our lessons we practise grammar and pronunciation. We study various interesting topics such as Natural Disasters, Space, Environmental Protection. For the EFL studies our class is divided into two groups: 6 people in one group and 7 students in another. Our group is doing this wiki project with you :)

`What about students in Australia? Why have you chosen Chinese as a foreign language?

Hi my name is Grace. At Hawkesdale we do chinese. Why we picked chinese? Because hawkesdale has a sister school in China and every few years a few students from year 9 or 10 go over to China witht the school and go to that school. We have chinese 2 times a week for 50 minutes each time. We have chinese for 2 periods a week they go for 50minutes for each period.

Listen to a recording of us speaking chinese!!

The chinese room!
PICT1503.JPGChinese hopscotch!!