Let's compare school life in Australia and Russia.
There are lots of lessons in our school. They are chemistry, mathematics, IT, biology and many others...
We arrive at school at 8:30 a.m. and our lessons start. Our lessons finish at 16:00. Then we go home by school buses.
On Monday we have Russian and English languages, Chemistry, Literature and Physical culture.
On Thursday we have Geography, IT, Physics, Mathematics and Russian language.

We also arrive at school at 8:30. Most people come on the bus. Some people walk or ride their bikes to school. Our lessons start at 9:00 and the end of school is at 3:30. We have 6 sessions during the day.
Our subjects are English, Chinese, Maths, Sport, Humanities, Science, Skills for living, Cooking, Woodwork, Viscom, Music, ICT, Art and Ceremics.

Our lesson last for 50 minutes. I think the best day is Tuesday because we have a double session of sport in tne mornings. After that we have recess. After recess we have maths and english. We have lunch after English. After lunch we have a double session of woodwork.

Top Left Picture: these are some of our students in yr 7 outside the back gate.
Top right: This is us painting our fake cow as part of a dairy industry project.
Bottom left: this is the finished producted of our cow named "Cookie". She went into a competition but we did not win.
Bottom right: This is really our logo for our school. This tree is really old and we call it a gum tree. It is our most common native tree in Australia (eucalyptus).