School Meals at Soglasie School
Hi! My name is Ksyusha! I want to tell you about our school canteen (the room where we have meals). It is a big room with sets of tables. Each class sits at the table with their class teacher. We have breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. Besides, at 11 o'clock after the third lesson we drink juice. Most of all pupils like lunch. The first dish is the soup, the second dish is meat or fish with garnish and tea or compote. The food is very tasty and the children always visit the school canteen.

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What do schoolchildren in Australia eat for lunch? Is there a school cafeteria? Do you bring food in lunch boxes? What is a typical school lunch?

Hi, my name is Rachael. School children at Hawkesdale College bring a packed lunch in a lunch box. We usually have a sandwhich for lunch with ham, chicken or cheese. We have a canteen which is like a cafeteria. We don't eat our lunch all together, we just grab our lunch and go outside and eat it with our friends where ever we want to in the school yard. At the canteen we can get some hot food for lunch like a meat pie, chicken schnitzel sandwith, small pizzas, dim sims and lots more. We can also buy drinks from our canteen like strawberry milk or juice. We can buy cold food like chips, sandwhich and popcorn. A typical school lunch is a sandwhich, a piece of fruit like an apple, a muesli bar and a packet of chips.