In September 2009 students of Hawkesdale P12 College and Soglasie School had a chance to talk to each other during several Skype video conferences.

These events were covered at the website of Soglasie School (the text is in Russian):

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Russian students would like to share their impressions (their reviews were written down on the day of the conference).
Skype Video conference with Australian students
(September 14th, 2009)

external image Ksyusha.jpg
Ksyusha:At our English lesson we connected with Australian children and their teacher. They were in the computer class, in the class there were 15 children. In our class at the lesson there were 5 pupils. We asked a lot of questions. At the end of the lesson we spoke only to the teacher. We enjoyed speaking to them! Now they will be on holidays for two weeks and next time we will connect with Australian children on the 4th of October. Our Australian friends would like to communicate with us in the c hat and we will be glad to talk to them, too.
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Today (14.09.09) we talked to Australians by SKYPE. At first we talked to one of the pupils, but he didn’t understand us because it was very noisy. Then ANNE (his teacher) talked to us. I asked her «Do you eat kangaroo meat? » She laughed and said that Аustralians eat kangaroo meat, but not very often. They cook it on barbecues or stew in ovens. It is very delicious!!! ANNE suggested chatting with her students. I will be happy to chat with them too.

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Today is the 14th of September.
At 11:20 a.m. we connected with Australian students and their teacher. We asked some questions. And I learnt some new information. For example, they do not have a president, they have a prime minister and they have a queen. The Queen of Britain is the Queen of Australia, too. Queen is only a symbol, but she is not the real leader of the country.

Today we connected with Australia by Skype. We asked pupils some questions.
For example, «What is the name of Australian president? » They answered «We have a Prime minister.» The British queen is the queen of Australia too.

Here is how the skype linkup looked to the Australian class:-
Second linkup as seen in Australia