Sports Lessons

Soglasie School
Hawkesdale P12 College
Physical Training (sports) lessons at Soglasie School are very interesting.
At the beginning there is a warming-up of 10-15 minutes, then we train for 10-20 minutes, and then we play a game (football, basketball or volleyball).
Now for example we are practicing playing volleyball because our Sports teacher Michael Jurevich has applied for a volleyball competition among schools of our city.
In winter our sports lessons are outside. We love ice skating and playing ice hockey.
From Grace:
For sport we go either to the stadium or on the tennis court or the soccer feild. We do sport 3periods a week. We do a warm up which is usally 2 laps round the court then either go straight in to the game or do a fun game like dodgeball or tiggy!! In sport we are joined with the year 8's. Sometimes we split into girls and boys, or year7's and year8's, because it is such a big group. Most of the classes' favourites are soccer and dodgeball!!

Playing soccer on the tennis courts at Hawkesdale P12 College